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Our Work On North Kensington Street

As you may have already read, our work on this property included a complete roof, gutter and trim replacement. You can see some of the improvements Shiner Exteriors completed on North Kensington Street in Arlington, VA by taking a look at the stunning before and after images or you can explore the project details in their full extent below.

Shiner Showcase - North Kensington Court Shiner Showcase - North Kensington Court
Upper Exterior Front Renovation:
· Removed existing gable, siding gutters and wrap on front dormer.
· Removed roof deck at staggered joint 4’ back from edge.
· Built ladder frame 10” extension and attached to gable.
· Extended roof deck at staggered joint 2’ and 4’ back from roof edge.
· Installed two James Hardie smooth surface sheets as backer.
· Framed two returns. Installed Azek 1×6 trim on rakes.
· Installed four vertical Azek 1×6 batten boards.
· Installed Azek 1×6 trim on returns.
· Installed James Hardie soffit panels on rake.
· Installed Azek 1×8 Band board at bottom of triangular gable.
· Installed two basic Fascia Accents.
· Installed Azek 1×6 trim on eaves where gutter is.
Lower Exterior Front Renovation:
· Framed roof and soffit across front between two roofs along brick.
· Installed ½” CDX plywood roof deck.
· Installed Azek 1×6 eave fascia.
· Installed Azek 1×6 Frieze below soffit.
· Installed James Hardie soffit panels.
· Installed copper apron flashing where shingles join wall.
· Removed existing gutters and downspouts.
· Inspected existing fascia boards (advised homeowner of any necessary/recommended repair or replacement and additional costs).
· Installed new (6”) ‘K’ style seamless aluminum gutters (.032).
· Installed new oversized (3×4) downspouts to match current configurations.
· Installed new gutters with hidden hangers.
· Re-installed previously removed vinyl gutter screens (homeowner was made aware that some may be damaged upon removal).
· Caulked and sealed all end caps (as necessary).
· Cleaned premises; hauled away any job-related debris.
Roof & Gutter Replacement
· Tore off (2) layers of old shingles and underlayment down to substrate.
· Inspected existing wood deck condition and advised the owner of any necessary/recommended repair or replacement of decking and additional costs.
· Installed CertainTeed sand-surfaced Winterguard along all gutter lines, walls, penetrations, chimneys and valleys (per building codes and manufactures recommendations).
· Installed new white F5 aluminum drip edge along all gutter eaves and rake edges.
· Installed shingle starter strip at all eaves per manufactures specifications.
· Installed new Roofer’s Select underlayment over remaining surfaces.
· Cut-in and installed new DCI Smart Vent along front and rear eaves for proper intake ventilation.
· Installed new laminated asphalt shingles using 4 (1.25”) nails per shingle in accordance with manufactures specifications.
· Installed 2 rows of #100 copper snow guards approximately 1’ apart in a staggered pattern (45 in total).
· Replaced all pipe collars with new Pro-Flash painted aluminum pipe collars embedded in asphalt roof cement.
· Installed new copper step flashing along all surfaces where copper counter is to be installed.
· Installed new Pro-Flash custom formed copper counter flashing at front chimney, along front apron (to be built), along garage walls.
· Installed new valleys using the closed-cut valley method per manufactures specifications.
· Painted plumbing stack(s)/furnace stack(s).
· Cut-in and installed new Shingle Vent II hidden ridge vent along main ridge and garage ridge line for proper exhaust ventilation.
· Installed new accessory shingle ridge caps to match field shingle.
· Installed plywood over existing gable vents to maintain proper circulation.
· Caulked and sealed all flashings with Vulkem 116 polyurethane sealant.
· Cleaned gutters and nailed in existing gutter spikes.
· We ran a magnet over premises to pick up loose nails.
· Cleaned premises and hauled away all job-related debris.
· Evaluated premises for final review.

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  • Location
    Oakton, VA
  • Date
    August, 2019
  • Project
    Roof & Gutter Replacement
  • Shingles
    CertainTeed® Landmark
  • Color
    Weathered Wood
  • Flashing
    Brown Metal
  • Gutters
    6" Seamless Aluminum (0.32)
  • Gutters Color
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